Puppy info and supplies 

Recommended supplies (more coming soon...)


Playpens work great for puppies in the beginning stages and this is what we raise ours in. Giving them the run of the house, or even of a room can be very overwhelming for a puppy. Small spaces an help with potty training too. Below are a couple that we recommend as well as a pi of how we set up our playpens. We have a puppy pad, sleeping area and food dish. 



This is a great option that provides storage for things like puppy pads


Prices fluctuate but this one is a cheap option that works great! 

For crate training we suggest a smaller crate, once you get to this stage you do not want puppy to have the space to use the bathroom in the same space as he or she sleeps. I prefer the plastic more enclosed option as, in my experience, they seem to adjust to these a bit better. 


Dog crate


Enclosed dog crate

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