Our herd has a wide range of bloodlines from across the country. We strive on not only having the cutest hedgehogs but the highest in quality.


Hedgehogs love to run!!  Each night they can run up to 10 miles! Make sure they have a good wheel that is at least 12". 

Hedgehogs can hibernate!!!! Make sure your hedgehog is maintainted at a temperature of at least 74 degrees. Some like it even warmer, but do not go colder.

Eye Sight


Hedgehogs rely mainly upon sound and smell because they are nearly blind! Their limited sight is best in the dark as an adaption to their nocturnal lifestyle. 

Litter Training


In most cases, hedgehogs can be litter box trained in less time than it takes for a kitten or puppy. Most will even want to use the litter box naturally, but even if they dont they can (in most cases) be completely litter box trained in 2 to 3 days!




Hedgehogs are ILLEGAL in California, Georgia, Pennsylvannia, Hawaii and some of New York. They are LEGAL in Utah and all others not listed above! 



Although Scientifically described as being modified hairs, each of the roughly 7,000 quills on a hedgehog's back is far more complex than any hair could possibly be. Rather than being solid inside, each is filled complex networks of air chambers. Not only does this make them very lightweight & strong, but it also helps prevent buckling & breakage.

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